What is Social Selling?

The art of using social networks to find, connect with, and nurture prospects.

Does Social Selling work?

78% of salespeople who used social selling outsold their counterparts.

Salespeople using social selling reported a 45% increase in opportunities.

Salespeople using social selling reported a 55% renewal rate.

*Statistics from the Aberdeen Group and LinkedIn

Why does it matter?

1. Your competitors are social selling. Over 70% of all salespeople - and 90% of top salespeople - use social media to sell.

2. Your customers are social buying. 75% of buyers conduct research using social media before making a purchase. 84% of executives use social media to support purchase decisions.

3. Social selling saves time. 39% of salespeople using social selling said that it reduced the amount of time they spent researching accounts and contacts.

*Statistics from the Aberdeen Group, IDC, and CSO Insights

Social Selling Training

Find and close deals faster using social media.

Social selling is especially important for B2B sales teams. Everyone from your sales development representative (or business development manager) to your account representative can benefit from social selling training. These trainings are specific to LinkedIn. We also offer social selling training on Twitter upon request. There are two levels of social selling training for LinkedIn:

Tier 1: Prospecting on LinkedIn

This training is designed for sales representatives (and account representatives) who are responsible for generating new leads. Our trainings will show you how to prospect on LinkedIn, without upgrading to LinkedIn Sales Navigator or any paid account. You’ll learn how to craft a winning LinkedIn profile, advanced search techniques, the Do’s and Don’t’s of direct messaging, and the 5 stages of social selling.

Tier 2: Nurturing & Closing on LinkedIn

This training is for account representatives who are responsible for closing deals. This advanced social selling training will teach you how to nurture prospects through the funnel using social media. You’ll learn how to close deals faster and improve customer loyalty.

These trainings will help you find and close deals faster using LinkedIn.

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