Social Media Audit

Find out why your social media isn't converting and uncover opportunities to generate leads.

Social Strategy

Get a customized blueprint for success to improve awareness and lead generation.

Social Campaign

Planning an event, product launch, or rebrand? Maximize reach and engagement with social media.


Ready to take your social media to the next level? A Social Media Audit is the first step. This deep-dive into your brand's' social media presence, alongside your competitors, will provide you insight into how to improve engagement, lead generation, and brand awareness.

How does a Social Media Audit help me?

1. Find out how you compare to your competitors.
2. Learn why your social media isn't converting.
3. Uncover opportunities to generate leads.

What does it include?

- Comprehensive Competitor & Industry Analysis
- S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of Social Platforms
- Detailed Use Case Recommendations
- KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Reporting Template


Ready to start getting results from social media? It's time to get a Social Media Strategy. This comprehensive strategy takes the guess work out of social media marketing. This will be your blueprint for success. You'll get specific promotion timelines you can follow for every type of content and event that your company needs to promote. You'll find out exactly when, what, and to which social media platforms you should post on to maximize results.

How does a Social Media Strategy help me?

1. It provides direction. You'll know exactly what, when and where to post.
2. Best practices specific to your audience. Find out the best date, time, and frequency to post on social media.
3. You can measure, report, and improve.

What does it include?

- Social Platform Recommendations
- Tactical Best Practices
- Social Promotion Strategy
- Establish KPIs (Reporting Template)


Planning for an event, product launch, or rebrand? Then you need a Social Media Campaign Plan. While social media strategy provides long-term direction, a campaign is a strategic and tactical plan to promote an event. A campaign ensures you get the most reach and engagement before, during, and after the event.

How does a Social Media Campaign help me?

1. Align social media marketing with corporate goals.
2. Social promotions timeline - before, during, and after the event.
2. Know when, what, and where to post on social media to get results.

What does it include?

- Campaign Plan - Campaign Messaging (Social Posts)
- Tactical Best Practices
- Implementation* add-on