LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Professional LinkedIn profile optimization to help you get a new job and grow your network.

Career Path Consultation

Get 1:1 help to identify the marketing career path that is right for you.

Interview Preparation

Don't leave the interview to chance! Let us help you impress your future employer.


Whether you’re looking for a new job or just need a profile spruce, we can help. Based on your professionals goals, we work with you to define your personal brand and craft an impressive professional story on LinkedIn.

What does it include?

- Personal Brand - A compelling professional story told through your LinkedIn profile summary.
- Keyword Optimization - Optimized for search for potential employers and business connections.
- Achievement-Driven Messaging - Enriched language throughout your profile.

Impress your future employer and business network with a professionally crafted LinkedIn profile!


There are so many career paths just within marketing! You could go into customer marketing, demand gen, product marketing, social media, content marketing, SEO, or marketing operations to name a few. We can help you find the path right for you.

What does it include?

- Phone Call - A interview to identify your skills and interests.
- Career Path Options - Based on the interview, we provide 2-3 recommendations.
- Skill Building Opportunities - A list of ways to build skills needed for the job.
- Industry Introductions - To people who are doing the job you're interested in.

Find the career in marketing that you will love and thrive in!


Are you looking for a new job? Did you just land an interview for a job in marketing? We can help you prepare and practice to nail the interview!

What does it include?

- Interview Questions - A tailored list of 20+ interview questions based on the job you applied for.
- Tips to Prepare - Get insight into how to effectively prepare your responses.
- Elevator Pitch - A template to create a winning elevator pitch.
- Mock Interview- A 45-minute practice interview with 15 minutes of constructive feedback.

Impress your future employer with a polished, confident interview!